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Richard Blair Offers Solution To Financial Questions October 7, 2016

The investment world can be exceedingly difficult for those who aren’t familiar with all of the quirks and details of it. If you want to get ahead in the world of investment you’re going to need to someone who can show you everything you’ll need to know to make the best investments you can make.

The founder of Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair, built his company with this firmly in mind. Coming from a family of teachers he knows teaching people what they need to do in order prosper is one of the most important aspects of financial advising.

Investment advice needs to be sound and needs to include the many different possibilities that lie for an investor. Richard Blair informs his clients about the many options they have in the investment world. He covers taxes, retirement accounts, estates, and trust funds in his advisory role.

Investments can have a massive impact on the way your taxes must be filed, how much you pay, and how you should treat existing debt. Blair’s clients are some of the world’s most successful businessmen who have accumulated massive fortunes and need some to help them ensure those fortunes will provide for them in their retirement and will be guaranteed for their loved ones when they pass away.

According to Bright Scope, many of Richard Blair’s clients wonder just where they’ll be able to acquire the resources needed for their retirements. After factoring in Social Security, personal investments, and other sources of income Blair then creates retirement plans made specifically for his clients.

He covers other important topics as well such as insurance and lifestyle. One of the most important rules of financial advising is to teach your clientele the importance of safety from the many risks that exist in the world of finance. Transferring the risk of life onto an insurance company allows you to focus on simply living out your life the way you want.

Your finances will fit your lifestyle instead of compromising the way you want to live for fear that your finances will not be up to par. Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions has been helping people do this sort of thing for many years, and he can help you get there as well.

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A Company That Cares September 19, 2016

The floods that are occurring in Louisiana are devastating right now and some people have even lost their lives. Other people have had to leave their homes and everything they own and relocate. During this time, Securus Technologies has stepped up and made it possible for inmates in Louisiana jails to be able to communicate with their loved ones free of charge. Regardless for the reasons for being incarcerated, inmates are human and need to be able to stay in touch with their family and friends, especially during a crisis such as the floods occurring now. Family members and friends of inmates can benefit greatly from this service also as they are able to maintain the family bond with their loved ones who are incarcerated.


With its home base in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies has been providing much-needed phone services and other communication technologies to inmates in a way of offering improved communication between them and their loved ones along with the correctional facility in which they reside. They provide this service to 45 states of the United States along with the District of Columbia, Canada, and Mexico. This service enables inmates and their loved ones to keep in touch with each other on a regular basis. To learn more about the services that Securus offers please click here.


 The open line of communication between inmates and their loved ones only boosts morale in the correctional facility and it also helps family and friends cope better with their loved one residing in a correctional facility. Securus is offering ways to make this easier during this great time of need in order to help inmates speak to their loved one to ensure they are safe. This shows that Securus is not only a company that wants to benefit from their services, but they also care about the inmates and families.


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Dez Perez Brings Tidal to the Mainstream September 8, 2016


Jay-Z never had plans for Tidal to take a backseat to Apple or Spotify. He wanted his business to thrive and reach a mainstream crowd just like the powerhouse music streaming services. What he did not consider, however, was that the mainstream crowd was already loyal to the music streaming services that they had. It would take a plan to show that Jay-Z could offer something better than the competition with Tidal. Dez Perez would be the one that could help with all of this.

Tidal is certainly growing, and Dez is the secret weapon that has made this happen. She knows how to entice customers. She has her own business, and she has done quite well for herself. She had the experience that Jay-Z needed to make things right for the Tidal organization that was once struggling.

It is obvious that Jay-Z has a business mindset. He has rapped about it for years. He has always said that he was a hustler, and he wanted to have an assortment of businesses to build his empire. He has been good at managing artists because he knows about music. He had to have some help when it came to Roc Nation for the athletes with sports contracts. There was also some additional help needed for managing things like the Brooklyn Nets team.

Dez Perez would appear early enough to help with the Roc Nation athletes. She proved to be a rock solid source during this time so it felt right for Jay-Z to return to Perez for help with Tidal. Perez has become someone that has added an extra layer of flavor to the Tidal brand. She has just managed to become the glue that held Tidal together. Her ability to negotiate would prove to be quite impressive. She has helped Tidal move beyond something of a novelty, and it has become much more of a real competition against Apple.

This is obviously the case now that there is speculation that Samsung may buy Tidal. There have been rumors, but there rumors would not even be circulating if it was not for the growth of Tidal. This is all thanks to the strategies that Perez has been bringing forth. Tidal is growing and fans are waiting to see what type of exclusive content this music streaming service will released next. Jay-Z picked one of the best negotiators for his streaming service.

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Glenn Beck’s Untruthful Display of George Soros June 24, 2016

George Soros Ukraine has made a good name for himself, and not for selfish and evil reasons as some try to make him seem to be. Some of those people who have spoken badly about Soros are some members of the Fox News team. It’s no surprise that Fox News airs out something nasty; however, it is taken personally and seriously when talking about an upstanding person badly in an anti-Semitic and other terrible ways.

In a three long episode that occurred some years ago, Fox News biggest star, Glenn Beck, had attacked a prominent citizen named George Soros. The episode claimed to expose Mr. Soros, but nothing they said could be farther from the truth. George Soros was born in 1930- that part is right in that news episode. The other thing that was right in that news episode was the fact that “The World According to Soros” was published by The New Yorker.

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George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

Other than that, there were innuendos suggesting that Soros was anti-Semitic, that he was somehow involved with the Holocaust, and that he’s an enemy of Israel. Beck’s promo of him was bad, and the program was even worse. He pictured Soros of being a shadowy manipulator and a deeply evil person whose marionettes include the President, the media, unions, and the Democratic Party. Beck also painted him as a greedy financier who is pursuing to subvert and destroy the republic of America to satisfy his own greed for money and to advance his plot in establishing an all powerful global state that he can control. Additionally, Beck’s denouncers included the Anti-Defamation League, the libertarian bible, commentary, reason, and the neoconservative organ.

However, Soros was born in Budapest so he was Jewish, but through forged documents and false identities, his father was able to hide his family among the Nazis and the local nationalist surrogates. So they didn’t go through the horrible struggle and torment the Jews went through. Soros saw how his people went through the horrendous abuse and torture, and he was very concerned. He was so concerned that he went on to becoming a great force in various civil and society movements throughout the block of the Soviet. And he recently funded advocacy groups and liberal policy institutes. He also spent millions to support the Presidential Candidates of Barack Obama and John Kerry. And furthermore, other great philanthropic efforts include him funding the Velvet Revolution located in the Czech Republic, the Rose Revolution in Georgia, and the Orange Revolution located in the Ukraine. He also assisted in engineering coups in Yugoslavia, Croatia, and Slovakia.

Learn more about George Soros:



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Maintaining Your Reputation in the Face of Haters June 17, 2016

No matter what you do, there is always someone that will dislike you. In the age of the Internet, your reputation is out there for the whole world to see. So what should you do when people are attacking it? Here’s a short list of five rules to remember:


  1. Don’t go there – Don’t follow your attacker into the pit. Don’t post anything on the Internet you wouldn’t want your mother, your grandfather, or your pastor to read. There is always a way to fix things. A reputation service, like the “Search Cleanup brand”, can step in and help you get your rep back in shape, if needed, at Searchcleanup.com.
  2. Let the good ones know that you’re still there – It can be scary for your loyal customers to think that you are going to change how you treat them or that you will lose productivity. Let them know that you are still you and that everything is fine.
  3. Value added – Create additional value opportunities for your customers. If they are getting a great value, they are much less likely to get bogged down by frivolous or exaggerated information.
  4. Let it out – Don’t stay inside your own head. You need to make sure that you find a safe space to let off steam. Get other people’s opinions and get your emotions out of the way so you can see the situation clearly.
  5. Get back to basics – There’s a reason you started your business in the first place. It was not to spend your time dealing with angry or malicious customers. Take care of the situation and get back to work. Here again, a firm like SearchCleanUp.com can help; it’s easy to let go of the reins, and the rage, if you put everything in the hands of experts.

Sooner or later, someone will come along that is unpleasant, mean, or an “opportunity customer”. If it’s affecting your reputation, you need to get out ahead of it. Keep calm and carry on, as the old British phrase goes. Find Search Cleanup on Facebook to learn more.

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How Andy Wirth’s Sky Diving Accident Helped Him Become a Better Business Leader June 16, 2016

Many people are aware of the fact that Andy Wirth is one of the most successful businessmen in the Northern California area. As the leader of the successful ski resort, Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley, Ca, Wirth has built up a reputation for taking small businesses to the next level. Read more: Special Warfare Warrior | Andy Wirth’s Fundraiser

During his most recent interview with the radio station KCRW, Wirth discussed a tragic accident that helped to build his personal character and to establish him as the successful executive that he has become today. Wirth describes this incident as a life changing one that forced him to stop and reevaluate his life and the direction he was heading in it.

At the conclusion of his accident, Wirth decided that he was in the career that he was destined for and continued his active pursuit of success in the ski lodge resort industry. To date, Wirth is one of the top businessman in his field.

During the interview, Andy Wirth described the accident he was involved in shortly after he began his career at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Wirth was parachuting with some accomplices when he discovered the his parachute was not adequately working.

This caused Wirth to crash into an empty field (thankfully, the field broke his fall instead of concrete) and he landed in a plant that tore through his arm. Wirth lay stranded in the abandoned field for hours, bleeding and in agony, while he waited for his accomplices to discover that he did not land properly and to develop a rescue plan. After about four hours of waiting in the field, Wirth honestly believed that he would die because he was bleeding so profusely and there was not a person in sight. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

After he was discovered and transported to medical facilities through the ambulance, Wirth learned that he was, indeed, lucky to be alive and that he would have to undergo full body rehabilitation over the course of the next several months.

Wirth described his rehabilitation experience as an extremely difficult life trial that helped him to learn to navigate the difficulties of life. Andy Wirth stated that his rehabilitation was one of the most difficult things he had ever endured and that the experience helped to develop him into a better business leader by teaching him to endure difficult situations with a more successful mindset.

Wirth also stated that he is now able to teach other leaders on his team how to manage difficult situations with a positive mindset and to develop plans that helped to produced desired outcomes. This is helpful with the current California drought because Wirth is not fearful of the suffering of his business due to economic hardship or trials.

Learn more about Andy Wirth:


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Soros Is Back, and He’s Making People Nervous June 13, 2016

Hungarian-born George Soros is one of the most spectacularly successful investors of all time, but he has been largely absent from the markets for some time. He retired in 2000 focused on political activism and philanthropy. Now, Soros is back in the markets as an active investor. A recent CNBC story referred to Soros’ recent trades as “bearish.” He is buying gold and gold mining stocks, both of which are traditionally viewed as safe havens by investors who are faced with economic uncertainty.

The CNBC article cites an interview George Soros gave the Wall Street Journal in which he revealed his economic outlook. It is indeed bearish. He is very concerned about the economic situation in China. The country is facing a massive real estate “bubble” and instability in foreign exchange, among other problems. As a result, investors are pulling money out of China in a wave of capitol flight.

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Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

Soros also called attention to several serious problems plaguing the European Union. He believes these problems could even lead to the collapse of the EU. Europe is currently trying to cope with and pay for waves of migrants and refugees. In addition, the Greek economy is still far from healthy. Finally, anti-EU sentiment in the the United Kingdom raises the possibility that country could simply withdraw and follow its own path. Market Watch notes that such possibilities create the sort of market weakness that will send nervous investors out looking for safe harbor investments like gold.

Investors pay attention to George Soros because of his track record. He came to the United states in the early 1950s after escaping from communist Hungary in 1947 and then graduating from the London School of Economics in 1952. After working for a series of financial firms, he founded Soros Fund Management in 1973. The firm now has $30 billion in assets. In addition, as head of the Quantum Fund, he produced an average 30 percent return per year. Soros garnered international fame in 1992 when he bet the British pound would be devalued. He proved correct, and he made a profit of over $1 billion on that single trade. George Soros is also known for his writing, philanthropic efforts and political activities. Currently he is supporting a super PAC backing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Learn more about George Soros:



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SEC Whistleblower June 12, 2016

The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) whistleblower program was initiated on July 21, 2010 when the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was enacted and signed into law by the president. According to the signed law anyone who files a report on possible violations of any set federal securities laws are entitled to a reward made possible by the incentive program at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

The program rewards whistleblowers with employment protection and financial incentives for individuals usually 10-30% of the total monetary sanctions collected through a successful SEC operation as long as the sanctions are more than $1 million. The law can be complicated with several clauses to carefully review and this is why whistleblowers need to have a competent attorney representation. Since it’s inception, the program has paid 26 whistleblowers more than $57 million and over the years, the program has gained popularity and success. Information gathered from the whistleblowers has helped in stopping various security violations some of the SEC violations that can pass as a whistleblower claim includes: Financial fraud, Insider trading, Cyber crime, Compliance Officers, and Intercontrols.

Whistleblowers are entitled to other additional rewards determined by the amount of monetary sanctions gathered in relation to the enforcement of rules and regulations of the involved organizations. SEC is required by law to withhold any information that can compromise directly or indirectly the identity of the whistleblowers and maintain confidentiality privileges of all who participate in the whistleblowers program.

Whistleblowers also have the right to be represented by an attorney if they so wish to remain anonymous as the report any possible security violations. The program enacted by the Dodd-Frank Act prevents employers from retaliating against the whistleblowers. The entire process of formulating the tip and submission and presentation format to the SEC are all conducted in a way that there are high chances of the tip being used for further investigations through counsel.

Labaton Such a row is an established law firm that has exclusively prioritized on the protection and provision of advocates for SEC whistleblowers, the first of its kind in the country. Prior to a tip being used, it goes through a thorough investigative process from a team comprised of investigators, financial analysts, forensic accountants, among other federal officials. The SEC whistleblower attorney takes over the leadership role in the process and drafts up proposed legislation conduct. You need to conduct a thorough background check on any whistleblower attorney due to the diverse security laws in the United States.

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US Money Reserve: The Demise of the Penny, an Interview with Philip Diehl April 8, 2016

Philip Diehl, also known for having been the U.S. Mint Director in the past, was recently interviewed and talked about information concerning the penny and why when you see a penny, it is no longer necessary to pick it up. Mr. Diehl is actually one of the many people who are trying and have tried to get rid of the penny.

U.S. Money Reserve, right now, the current issue at hand is the well-known fact that states that the penny we all have used for a long time now is costing the world more to make than it is actually worth in value. When it comes to pennies, it might come as a shock to most to hear that the U.S. Mint actually has losses of over millions in dollars every year through the process of producing the pennies, the pennies actually cost 1.8 cents in total for producing them.

There are people however, who believe that raising the price of pennies will cause prices to become distort and there to be some chances of inflation. However, Philip believes that there is not much to go on with that assertion. Philip says that there are two types of transactions that go on now a days, and neither of them have to do with pennies which is said to be affecting the US Reserve, one is paying with cash, which accounts for around 25% of the transactions made, and the other is in electronic form, which accounts for around 75% of the money that comes in from purchases.

Mr. Diehl believes that only a tiny portion of the transactions would actually notice any difference when the penny finally did become out of use. He also believes that the companies are more likely to lower their prices, rather than raise them because of the loss of the penny.

There are some people and companies who believe that a few cents would make the difference, but Philip thinks that no one will actually notice that much of a change. In 2010, there was a request from Congress, which was asking to find ways to make coins at a cost that would be lower, however, this ideal was immediately knocked out of the picture, even though many countries have been making their coins more economic. Philip Diehl wants the penny to get taken out completely, however, he has no hope that there will be much change, being that it is already 2016 and we are still using the same old penny and wasting money just to make it.

This interview about the US Money Reserve issue was conducted on Facebook, to watch the video, go here

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Benefits Of Creating A Wikipedia Page As Seen In Donald Drumpf’s Page March 11, 2016

Wikipedia is ranked as the topmost seven visited world wide websites. Once one searches anything on Google, it is most likely that the Wikipedia page illustrating the thing in question will appear in the top five search results. That said, Wikipedia is therefore one of the most powerful tools that one can use to market either a product or a company as well as for personal branding. This was seen when a Wikipedia page was created on Donald Drumpf after Last Week Tonight’s host John Oliver took a brutal takedown of the presidential candidate Donald Trump. The takedown was met not just with laughter but a Wikipedia page was created. The 38 year old host took to call Trump ‘America’s black mole’. He also joked that he, the presidential candidate, can seem appealing till one looks closer. The name Donald Drumpf as Oliver explained is originally the family name to Trump. It is said that it was changed by one of Trump’s ancestors probably because it is less magical.

Soon after Oliver joked about Trump, a Wikipedia page on Donald Drumpf was created. It contained Drumpf’s information and bio and goes further to explain Oliver’s humour. It has a photo of Friedrich Drumpf who is Drumpf’s real grandfather. It also already has a commentary from a biographer who is not identified. This clearly goes to show that when you create a Wikipedia page goes a long way into providing publicity for whatever subject there is. The page on Drumpf for instance, directs where other readers can get to learn more on Drumpf. There are other social media accounts that were created for Drumpf including a twitter account, @RealDonalDrumpf. Wikipedia is therefore a very effective and efficient online marketing tool that one can use to their own advantage.

Unlike other typical encyclopedia, Wikipedia is an online collaborative encyclopedia which one need not hire writers to write contents or create posts. It is open cited and thus it is prone to misuse in case one has a malicious intent. Since it operates on volunteers who key in the information, one without good intentions may decide to tarnish the name of another on a page. To prevent this from happening one can hire Wiki experts and professionals who can work for you like those found on a Wiki editing service like Get Your Wiki. These Wiki writers for hire ensure there is a guarantee on page approval and monitoring once the Wikipedia page is created. This ensures that one’s page is edited accurately and monitored often. The experts also provide for translation services. Wikipedia can thus help create a business brand, enhance visibility search and significantly impact on the sales positively.

Learn more about Get Your Wiki here >> http://www.getyourwiki.com/wikipedia-writers-create-wiki-page/

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