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When it Comes to Food, Your Dog Deserves the Best December 30, 2015

An article titled “Premium Dog Food Sales Surge with New Innovations in Healthy Food” was recently posted on the Online Herald’s website that focused on the recent trend in high quality pet food. Pet food companies have been steadily increasing their fresh and organic offerings over the years and the article touched on the ways in which these companies are stepping up their offerings to bring pet owners the best food money can buy. From grain-free to organic, today’s pet foods are beginning to align more with human diets. One company, Freshpet, Inc., took the author on a tour of their production site and demonstrated what it takes to make the only refrigerated pet food on the market today. This was an excellent demonstration of how pet food companies are sourcing the highest quality ingredients to cater to consumers who want their pets to eat as well as they do. The Production Manager at Freshpet, Inc. even performed an impromptu taste test to show just how much their food tastes like the food we eat every day. Purina was also featured in this article, specifically for their innovative website that allows pet owners to create customized foods for their pet’s unique needs. Their slogan “The Best Food is Personalized” was mentioned in the article and perfectly sums up their approach to making pet food that is full of healthful ingredients Nestle Purina has been making the finest pet foods for over a century and their Beneful line continues to be a hit with pet owners. Beneful dog food is a top-selling brand that offers on beneful.com a great deal of variety that includes dry food, wet food, wet/dry combinations as well as dog treats that help maintain healthy oral health. Purina continues its commitment to quality ingredients and is continuously working to improve on their great line of products. All of their brands are guaranteed to be free of harmful ingredients, are made with premium cuts of ethically-sourced meat and contain all the essential nutrients that are vital to pet health.

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Yeonmi Park: A Force to Be Reckoned With November 23, 2015

North Korea has a lot to be concerned about when it comes to what Yeonmi Park has to say. The small-framed university student has been outspoken about the condition of people in her home country, as well as the harsh punishments that are often doled out to North Koreans. Park saw her friend’s mother put to death when she was just nine years old, for an infraction that was minor and did not warrant ending the woman’s life. In January of 2015, a website run by the North Korean government posted a video called “The Human Rights Propaganda Puppet.” The video was about Park, and denounced the 21-year-old’s efforts to bring attention to the injustices in North Korea. This was just one of many attacks on Yeonmi Park to try and silence her. Attacks on people who speak out against the North Korean government are nothing new. Those in power who support the government’s decisions accuse revolutionists of exaggerating, and sometimes say that these activists are flat-out lying. Unfortunately, there are also death threats against the people who dare to speak out about the government’s treatment toward the people. For instance, Park Sang-hak, whose method of getting the message of the revolution out is releasing helium balloons with anti-regime leaflets inside, has been referred to as “human scum.” Some who oppose his message have said that he will “pay for his crimes in blood.” A man with a needle treated with poison was even intercepted at a South Korean airport while on his way to end Park Sang-hak’s life. Yeonmi Park rose to prominence when she posted a video on YouTube after giving an emotional speech and Dublin’s One Young World Summit. At the summit, she was dressed in a pink hanbok, which is traditional Korean dress, and she fought through tears and anger to tell her story. She is also quoted as saying that living in North Korea is “unimaginable” and that the citizens are not free to have their own thoughts, or even to sing that they want. Yeonmi Park continues to fight for the people of North Korea to have a voice, and will be releasing a book on Amazon soon entitled In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.

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Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala Recognized by Top Industry Bodies October 30, 2015


Anthony Marsala, a co-founder and current Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital, is one of the recently recognized honorees of the 40 Under Forty program. The program, run by National Association of Certified Valuators & Analysts (NACVA), honors nominees who have made great advances in financial forensics, business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, litigation consulting, and other related professions. The Executive Staff of Consultants’ Training Institute (CTI) and NACVA made the selection. They reportedly had a hard time during the decision-making process due to the high caliber of candidates shortlisted.

The two bodies, NACVA and CTI, recognize the quality contributions of accounting and financial consultants’ professionals in the industry. The bodies applaud and reward pioneers and excellence. The bodies’ Chief Operating Officer and Executive VP, Brien K. Jones, stated that the recognition program was designed to focus the spotlight on the best in the business. It offers a platform for next generation visionaries and mavericks to shine. It also recognizes positive contributions in the industry, communities, and future successes.

The 40 honorees were shortlisted from a list of over 125 nominees. This is because the judges wanted the best in the business from amongst the industry’s top crop. The honorees are to be featured in a series of marketing campaigns throughout 2015. These will include; press releases and profiles in NACVA’s Association News, Value Examiner, QuickReadBuzz Blog and other distributions.

One 2015’s honoree is Madison Street Capital’s COO, Anthony Marsala. He has been instrumental in offering leadership and management to Madison’s global presence in Africa, Asia and Europe. He supervises the firm’s analytical teams that perform all valuation for Madison’s M&A clients as well as its corporate finance clients. Marsala has specialized in corporate finance, Mergers, Acquisitions, and business valuation. He has amassed a 13 year, wealth of experience in the accounting and financial industry. He has great experience in performing and reviewing valuations as well as transactional engagements in such sectors as; technology, agriculture, energy, manufacturing wholesale and pharmaceuticals.

Marsala graduated from Loyola University of Chicago specializing in Finance and Information Systems. He also has a master’s Diploma from Oxford University’s, Said Business School.

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking company that offers corporate financial and advisory services, mergers and acquisitions, and valuation services to private and public businesses. Madison views emerging markets as the key to driving its client’s global growth. The firm has earned many international clients due to its professional conduct, service delivery and dedication.
Originally published through the Chicago Tribune

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Shaygan Kheradpir; Maestro of Telecom October 28, 2015

Born in England, raised in Iran, the son of a medical ear nose and throat specialist, educated from bachelors, masters, through Ph.D. in electrical engineering at Cornell University, Dr. Shaygan Kheradpir was ready to take on the telecom industry with as his might. And so he did by landing his first job at GTE Laboratories back in the late eighties. He was a network engineer with a flare for enterprise management and control. He did this job so well that he was chosen to be Chief Information Officer at GTE Corporation. The Wall Street Journal described him as someone that could be respected for timely new product deliverables.

This description impressed Verizon which formed from GTE and Bell Atlantic’s merger. He was the first ever CIO and Chief Technology Officer. He headed up rapid prototype development teams that were challenged to modify and test new technologies as fast as possible. Over 7000 engineers and team members were assigned to these tests. The results yielded some very good things from FiOS fiber optics video and DVRs. Iobi was also developed by these teams. This was a management tool for caller ID, address books and similar features on handheld devices such as mobile phones.

Not only did he inspire rapid development of new technology, he found ways to cut the operating budget for the IT division from 6 percent to 4 percent revenue. He was a keen negotiator, cutting deals to slash the IT staff by 20 percent and slashing the purchasing budget from vendors by 30 percent. He negotiated with vendors to slash their prices or lose Verizon as a partner. He ended Verizon’s policy that was counter productive for the lack of purchasing of IT equipment auctioned on eBay from failed dot-com companies. Outsourcing was a key initiative by Kheradpir to cut labor costs by sending much of it to India.

He had enough with Verizon in 2011 so Dr. Kheradpir took the helm as Chief Operating Officer of Barclays. There he helped develop Pingit Mobile payments software for better banking experiences for customers. But he did not stop there as Juniper Networks called on him to be their CEO in January 2014. This was rather challenging for him as he noticed that all the companies that were partnering with Juniper Networks were moving to the cloud in some way. He was interviewing all the department heads and key stakeholders in his first few weeks there to get the big picture at Juniper. He could see a different vision for the company as he had done in his other positions of leadership in his previous positions. After only 8 months the board of directors at Verizon and Dr. Kheradpir developed an impasse as to the future direction of the company and they severed ties.

Soon after this Dr. Kheradpir was hired as the new CEO of Coriant, a giant in optical fiber networking and a vendor backed by Marlin Equity Partners since 2013. He replaced former CEO Pat DiPietro who stepped into Vice-chairman of the company. Coriant, growing in leaps and bounds was on its way.

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How Lime Crime Started a Social Media Buzz October 22, 2015

If someone makes a decision to check for bold makeup colors the Lime Crime brand is going to come up in the search. This is the type of makeup that is very innovative. It has become the brand that has made a lot of teenagers stand up and take notice of the cosmetics industry. My daughters have embraced this brand, and it has continued to be one of the most popular products on social media.

Lime Crime is a very nice brand of lipstick. My daughter has embraced this brand of lipstick because it is so incredibly bold and courageous. She doesn’t wear it to school, but the always wears it when she goes out. It has been easy to embrace this type of makeup because it sold online. My daughter like shopping on the Internet. She is thrilled when she makes a purchase and gets that Lime Crime package in the mail. This is one of the best things for teenagers that are trying get a different look.

Social media is becoming a very big way to advertise products. I discovered this brand through my daughter, but my daughter has discovered the brand online. She has become someone that is able to see how the brand is progressing because there are so many tweets on the brand. Social media is such a big priority for teenagers. Most teens check their Twitter accounts and Facebook pages all day. This is what Lime Crime is doing when they o to ilovelimecrime.com. That is why the Lime Crime brand is able to survive without any type of print ads or commercials.

I really like what the Lime Crime makeup is doing for my daughter’s confidence. All the compliments that she gets on this brand makes it easy for her to patronize the brand. That is the good thing about Lime Crime. It is such a confidence booster for those teens that may never have felt pretty enough. The Lime Crime president Doe Deere has a lot of nice products for her customer base. She has managed to provide this makeup that kids are going to demand.

The fact that she is able to do everything through social media has really made it easy to penetrate the market without a lot of money. That is always an important thing when it comes to getting a new product off the ground. There are a lot of people that may have a good idea, but they may not be able to implement it because they don’t have the funds. Doe Deere didn’t let this stop her from getting the Lime Crime makeup out to customers. She simply put her time into building a social media buzz that was strong enough to make people take notice. I think that she has done a wonderful job of keeping her customers informed about the different brands. This is certainly something that allows her to build up her followers. The teens follow Doe Deere to discover the new Lime Crime products.

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The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts Recognized Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala October 20, 2015


One of Madison Street Capital’s CEO and co-founders, Anthony Marsala, was recognized by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). This was recently published by the Chicago Tribune.
NACVA was looking for candidates under 40 who have been successful in litigation consulting, business valuation, expert witness testimony, financial forensics, and mergers and acquisitions. The candidates were chosen by the Executive Staff of NACVA who were overwhelmed with the candidates’ qualities, which made the process of the choosing very difficult. The CEO and Vice President of NACVA wanted the best among these candidates, the one who will further manage many other business operations.
There were more than 125 candidates with extraordinary skills and success in some fields, such as M&A. They were chosen by the NACVA’s Executive Staff. The candidates will appear in numerous press releases and profiles in QuickReadBuzz Blog, The Value Examiner, NACVA’s Association News and many others. However, Anthony Marsala was the one who was chosen.
Who is Anthony Marsala?
As the CEO and Co-Founder of Madison Street Capital, Mr. Marsala represents an instrument in managing the company’s international presence in Europe, Asia, and Africa. He specializes in corporate finance and business valuation. Over the past 14 years, he has reviewed and performed numerous transactional and valuation engagements in many industry sectors. In addition to this, he is a member of the ASA (American Society of Appraisers). The other sectors he works in are food and agriculture, technology, manufacturing, medical devices, wholesale, staffing, etc.
Anthony Marsala graduated from the Loyola University of Chicago, where he studied Information Systems, Business and Finance. He has a Master’s degree in Strategy, which he received from Said Business School at the Oxford University.
About Madison Street Capital
Madison Street Capital represents an investment banking firm that relies on excellence, integrity and leadership in order to deliver financial advisory services, financial opinions services, merger and acquisition expertise and valuation services to private business. So, its focus is on private companies and middle market public companies. These services help its clients succeed in the global marketplace. The company also makes sure that customers’ needs and objectives come first, and it sees emerging markets as the most crucial component of the clients’ global growth. People trust this company since it is dedicated to the highest level of professional standard. Follow MSC on Twitter.
To conclude, although NACVA had a lot of difficulties in choosing the best candidate, they finally made the rights decision, and they are now looking forward to bringing new plans for the future.
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The Life Story of Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park October 17, 2015

Yeonmi Park is a human rights activist and a North Korean regime escapee. She has dedicated her efforts towards bringing liberation to people living in oppressive regimes. Her life story and escape from North Korea has greatly helped the world to better understand the suffering of people under the regime which has helped her activism course. As an activist, she has spoken in several summits such as the One Young World and the Oslo Freedom Forum.
Park was born to North Korean parents in the border city of Hyesan, Ryanggang Province on October 4, 1993. Her father was a government employee at Hyesan town hall, while her mother worked for the North Korean Army as a nurse. This political connection ensured her family enjoyed a good life unlike many Hyesan residents. However, when the North Korean economy collapsed in the late 90s, the family started experiencing hard times.
The situation was worsened after the turn of the century when North Korea experienced a prolonged drought. Like other North Korean families, Park’s family faced starvations. Park’s farther couldn’t stand seeing his family suffer so he decided to smuggle gold, silver, and nickel to Chinese traders. The government, however, caught him and sentenced him to 17 years in a labor camp. The hard physical labor and bad living conditions in the camp led to her father developing colon cancer. The government decided to release him since sick inmates are not productive in the camp.
Upon his release from the prison camp, Park’s father started working on an escape plan for his family. His plan involved three phases. The first phase was to be the escape of Park’s two sisters; the second phase was to involve the escape Park and her mother; while the last phase was to involve the escape of the father from the oppressive North Korean regime. The escape was made possible through the help of underground Chinese human traffickers and smugglers who operate between North Korea and China.
Park and her mum escaped from North Korea in 2007 to China. While in China, the family had to stay hidden to avoid capture by Chinese officials. China deports all North Korean escapees. During that period, the family had to live through inhumane conditions. The inhumane conditions led to death of other escapees. Park’s father died soon after arriving in China.
From China, the traffickers helped Park and her mother to relocate to Mongolia. In Mongolia, the authorities threatened to kill both of them. However, the officials later let them into the country and helped them to relocate to South Korea.
Yeonmi Park is a strong liberation voice on youngvoicesadvocates. She has been featured by several media houses including BBC, CCN, and Washington Post. She has been a speaker in many world platforms such as the One Young World, LiNK’s, TEDx, and the Oslo Freedom Forum. She has also published a book narrating her life. The memoir is called ‘In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom’.

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When It’s Time To Make A Stand! October 14, 2015

We all have a time in our lives that we want to do it our way and nothing or no one can change our minds. It’s when our creativity and traditional clash and we have to decide who we are.

At one time makeup was only a woman’s product. Today, there are males who want to have fun with makeup. Isn’t that what it is all about? We want to make a statement of who we are and who we can be. Lime Crime makeup takes us to the next level of who we want to be. So gear-up and decide! Female and male alike, the only person stopping you, is you. Join us and write your own story.

Makeup allows us to venture out beyond our comfort zone and make a statement. We want to shout – “Hey! Over here! Haven’t you heard? It’s OK to be different!” Lime Crime makeup is for the person who insists on walking to their own music.

Some of us want to live life without limits. When you choose to express who you are with Lime Crime cosmetics, you step into a new adventure of your own making. Makeup is not just to cover up imperfections anymore. It’s defining who you choose to be.

As a professional makeup team, we strive to deliver the best. We offer the truest colors, and without being cruel to animals. We are from Los Angeles, California.

With a dream in one pocket and a few hundred dollars in the other, our founder and CEO, Doe Deere, started this unique cosmetic company. Today she encourages you to step out of the ‘traditional’ makeup and be who you want to be.

Finally, someone who understands who I am. Lime Crime store on tumblr website will test your self-induced limits and tell you to reach for more. Today we can change the standards and break old traditional makeup routines.

Knowing that there is a website LimeCrime.com, makes this a win-win. You are invited to show us who you are. Tell us your story or rather, show us. How has using our cosmetics allowed you to be your own person.

Never the less, when you want more from your makeup, when you are tired of looking into the same old mirror, at the same old face, know now you have a choice. Lime Crime is that tool to begin a new adventure.

Self confidence is knowing what you want and going for it, when everyone else is waiting for it to come to them. Lime Crime cosmetics gives you to perfect tools to be creative and noticed. Show us who you are Your text to link…

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The Rise of Investment Banking October 8, 2015

One may ask what the difference is between private equity and investment banking. Private equity are groups of investors who have collected large amounts of capitol from wealthy individuals, companies and pension funds, and use it to invest in other businesses. Investment bankers acts as an advisory capitol raising service that do not take deposits. The role of an investment banker is to assist individuals, corporations and even governments in raising capitol and to act as an agent advisement in trading financial assets.
If anyone is interested in making a career out of investment banking, a masters degree in business administration will be required. Some helpful skills to have will be hard work ethic. It is a high work, high risk career, but also highly rewarded as well. Just ask Ken Griffith, CEO of Citadel LLC. He started his career of investment banking in his dorm room at Harvard University equipped only with a fax machine, a personal computer and a telephone. Griffin of wallstreetjournal founded Citadel in 1990 and is presently CEO of Citadel with a net worth of $6.9 billion!
Other skills that will help is having good math skills. If your good with math then you should consider taking stochastic calculus and finance courses. It is important to have an understanding of market trends. Accounting skills are highly favored in analyst positions. It is tough breaking in the door to be in the investment banking world, but analyst jobs is the best place to start. To start in these positions you need to be able to communicate well with your clients and able to get deals done. The most important asset to have to land a job as an investment banker is to have a lot of contacts. By having a good contact network you can better your chances of someone noticing you and signing you on to work for them. A good way to get contacts is by attending informational interviews or by attending a industry conference.
The lifestyle of an investment banker consists of working long hours and lots of travel. Analyst work hours usually swing between 90 and 100 hours a week and associates average around 80 to 90 hours a week. Bankers are expected to work long hours but get paid a lot of money. Most investment bank companies operate out of New York, Tokyo, London, Moscow, Singapore and Hong Kong so expect lots of travel!
The future is bright for investment banking. The whole world is socially connected through the internet and smartphones and it has made investment banking better and more efficient. As long as there are companies who need help raising money, buying, selling or needing financial advice, there will always be a need for investment banking companies.

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About Doe Deere And The World Of Cosmetics September 29, 2015

The September edition of the Nylon Magazine is out, and one of the cosmetic world business leaders featured in there is Doe Deere. His makeup collection, Lime crime, is also widely featured in the magazine, something that has created quite the stir. For those who do not know her already, Doe is one of the most female business leaders that there are in the society. Here are a few of the things that you may not know about the eclectic business leader and fashionista.

Early life

Doe is Russian by origin. She came to the United States in the 90’s after getting married to a local businessman. When she got into the country, she had many ideas about changing the world of cosmetics. At the time, most people felt that her ideas and her products were a little bit too much. However, with time, Doe has proven that indeed, there is a lot of value in going where people dread to tread in the world of business. She has transformed a business that was a simple local beauty products shops into a fully functional company that has so much force in the industry that it merits a full spread in Nylon, one of the most prestigious fashion magazines in the country.

The thought behind her cosmetic line

In the late seventies and early eighties, cosmetics became a very central aspect to the world of fashion. During this time, people were adopting the trend, but with a lot of caution. This is the reason behind the notion of makeup being as natural as possible. Bright colors such as lilac, hot pink, green, blue and others had no place in the world of beauty. Nude lipstick, brown eyeshadow and subtle colors of mascara were the in thing in fashion. In short, there were few products available for people that have a flair for color.

When Doe Deere of galoremag entered the cosmetics scene, she wanted to represent those girls who don’t like conforming. This is why she invested in colorful products such as brightly colored lipsticks, eyeshadow, nail products and all other cosmetics. This was a smart move for her because over a period of less than 2 decades, she has managed to attract a huge customer base and developed her business from a small neighborhood enterprise to a fully operational business outfit. Among the products that Doe has been manufacturing is the magic dust eyeshadow and the candy future lipstick.

In addition to producing these wonderful cosmetics, Doe is very active in explaining important concepts to her customers. There are articles she has written about her products, tips on using them and even how to create and nurture a brand into something you can be proud of. Her experiments with the unconventional in the world of beauty shows that sometimes, to be successful, you have to step away from what you think is normal and focus on the extraordinary. This young businesswoman has achieved tremendous success, and from the look of things, this is just the beginning for her.

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